Warranty service

12-month warranty

Warranty service and repairs are available for 12 months from the date of activation. They are performed only if the warranty obligations are met.

Replacement fund

If necessary, we will temporarily provide you with another device for the period of warranty repair.

Service centers

Our service centers are located throughout Ukraine. In case of equipment failure, you can carry out repairs in any city.​

SmartOne Warranty obligations

The manufacturer guarantees the operability of the MCT for 12 months from the date of shipment from the manufacturer's warehouse or an official dealer. Subject to compliance with the rules of operation, transportation and storage.

The importer of SMART ONE FINTECH LLC is an official dealer. The company has the authority to accept claims for warranty obligations on behalf of the manufacturer of the MCT.

Any element of the MCT is subject to free replacement* or repair by the manufacturer and the service centers during the warranty period. Appeals are accepted if a defect in materials or assembly violations is detected.

* Exceptions are individual components — for example, consumables, as well as elements with a limited service life.

In order to be eligible for warranty service, keep the forms with the seal of the service centers about the passage of service. Such records confirm that these activities were carried out on time.

The purchase of the MCT means your agreement with the terms of operation, service and warranty repair. As well as agreement with the rules for providing a guarantee.

Basic definitions:

Warranty obligations are a limited warranty for a new MCT. It is provided by the manufacturer on the territory of Ukraine, as long as the warranty period is valid. And also on the terms defined in accordance with the warranty.

Normal operation — operation of the MCT in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and requirements specified in the passport and the operating manual. And also in compliance with the legal norms and requirements in force on the territory of Ukraine.

An official dealer is an organization authorized by the manufacturer to sell MCT, as well as original spare parts and accessories for MCT. It is located on the territory of Ukraine. The importer of SMART ONE FINTECH LLC is an official dealer.

The service center is an organization authorized to sell the terminal, original spare parts and accessories to it. As well as to carry out work and provide maintenance services. First of all, this is commissioning, serviceability check and repair, as well as decommissioning.

Original spare parts and accessories MCT — spare parts and accessories manufactured by the manufacturer or under his control. As well as purchased from an authorized dealer or service centers.

Does not apply to the following cases:

1. Expenses related to scheduled maintenance. Routine maintenance, material consumption during maintenance. Also diagnostic and adjustment work.

2. Normal wear of any parts. Natural destruction of the surfaces of rubber, plastic and metal parts as a result of normal use and environmental exposure.

3. Damage caused by incomplete or inappropriate maintenance. For example, the neglect of periodic checks. As well as a significant excess of the time interval between scheduled maintenance services.

4. Damage resulting from the use of non-original parts or equipment not approved by the manufacturer. Elimination of the consequences of repairs, maintenance and other types of work that are not accredited in accordance with the established procedure.

5. Actions of third parties, incorrect use of the MKT, incorrect actions of users when working with the MKT. As well as modification of the MKT or its parts, not approved by the manufacturer.

6. Costs associated with dismantling and reinstalling equipment. The costs associated with the inability to use the MKT. Expenses on fuel, telephone communication, payment of fines, transportation costs, loss of income. As well as other commercial and non-material losses, direct and indirect losses as a result of a malfunction of the MKT.

7. The costs of eliminating any malfunctions of the MCT, whose data has been artificially changed/destroyed. As well as all sorts of losses associated with these malfunctions.

8. Elimination of the consequences that have arisen as a result of untimely troubleshooting in the MCT.

And also:

9. Losses resulting from the failure of components. For example, consumables with a limited work resource. Elements that are subject to destruction during normal operation. As well as parts with an expired warranty period.

10. The costs of consumables and elements with a limited service life that are subject to destruction during normal operation. For example, a rechargeable battery, a charger, cables, as well as a printer head, fuses, and so on.

11. Damage caused by non-compliance with the instructions and requirements set out in the relevant sections of the passport and the manual for the operation of the MKT.

12. Expenses related to carrying out various settings, programming parameters, commissioning of the MKT.

13. Failure of the elements of the MKT. Malfunctions caused by the repair and dismantling of components on their own.

14. Damage to the MCT and its components caused by external influences of liquids, rain, snow, industrial and chemical emissions. As well as acid and alkaline air pollution, waste products of organisms, fire, hail, lightning and other phenomena.

15. Damage caused to personal or other property.

16. Expenses related to the elimination of errors that occurred during the independent programming of parameters. As well as the costs associated with the replacement of nodes and blocks that arose due to the self-entry of erroneous information in the MCT.

in case of non-compliance with the terms of service and repair;

also in the presence of mechanical damage to external parts.


Malfunctions that occur outside the device case, if the operation of the terminal depends on them (for example, lack of communication with the fiscal data operator and unstable communication with the provider), are not guaranteed and are not covered by warranty obligations.

In addition, all warranty obligations under the MCT are limited to the initial cost of the MCT. And they do not depend on additional costs, as well as material and intangible losses.