Smart terminal 6 in 1


касса Smart Bank Pro

SmartOne Bank Pro combines 6 devices into 1: an online cash register, a receipt printer, a scanner, a bank terminal, a fiscal registrar, and a docking station. You can connect any number of peripheral devices to the terminal and optimize the cashier’s workspace!

Любые способы оплаты SmartOne

All payment methods

Smart Bank Pro accepts any type of payment, including contactless cards. Your customers can receive a receipt in any convenient way. This increases the loyalty of your customers and protects you from possible claims.

Мощная батарея SmartOne

Down with the wires

The portable device can work without recharging all day. This is an excellent solution for courier services or trade at fairs. Even when disconnected from the network, all payment receipts are saved automatically.

Эргономичный дизайн SmartOne

Compact dimensions

The smart terminal has a compact size and fits comfortably in your hand. The stylish design increases the comfort and pleasure of use. The 6-inch display is protected by a reliable glass.

Быстрый запуск касс SmartOne

Everything is ready to work

The smart terminal is equipped with the necessary software for operation and runs on the Android operating system. The interface of the device is intuitively simple and understandable to any user. Just take it out and turn it on!

Suitable for whom?

SmartOne Bank Pro smart terminal is suitable in any field where a universal, autonomous device is required

Преимущества SmartOne для розницы

Retail trade

Преимущества SmartOne для кафе и ресторанов

Cafes and restaurants

Преимущества SmartOne для сферы услуг


Преимущества SmartOne для логистики


Преимущества SmartOne для интернет-магазина

Online store

Acquiring Smart Pay

Enable payment by cards and accept payments from customers by any means

Partner banks

Payment methods

Мультимерчант SmartOne

What is a Multi merchant?

This is a SmartOne configuration that allows you to register several entrepreneurs on one device. Thanks to the “Multi Merchant” function, the SmartOne online sales register is ideal for entrepreneurs (beauty salon, wellness center). One device is enough for each specialist to conduct their own calculations with clients. Of course, this is a profitable purchase! After all, the online sales register is bought in a fold, and every registered user can accept payment from it!

Мультимерчант, личная учетная запись

Personal account

Each entrepreneur has an account with access to the full functionality of the cash register and a mobile application.

Мультимерчант, простота использования

User-friendly interface

Intuitive navigation allows you to make sales in a matter of seconds. Employees are assigned access rights. Cash shifts are provided.

Мультимерчант, любые виды чеков

Fiscalization of receipts

SmartOne is a software registrar and sends receipts to the tax inspection server. You can issue paper checks, or send them by SMS, email, to any messenger.

Buy SmartOne Bank Pro

SmartOne Bank Pro online sales register

A fully ready-to-use smart terminal with a pre-installed SmartOne Mobile POS application. The online cash register combines the most powerful functionality and quite compact dimensions, thanks to which you can use this device both in courier delivery services and at small cashier counters.


Electronic receipt

Create an electronic receipt for the buyer with the QR code displayed on the display and send it by e-mail. The database of electronic receipts is created in the personal account of the cloud application.

Software sales register

Use all the advantages of a software logger. Instant fiscalization of receipts on the server of the tax inspectorate. Accept payments offline for up to 36 hours.

Product catalogs

Create product catalogs based on departments. Easy operation and quick product search. The ability to create sets of the same type of products.

Coupons and discounts

The possibility of creating an arbitrary discount when selling, using discount cards or fixed discounts on groups of products.

Integration via the API

Integrate with any accounting programs and business automation services at your point. Use the technical support to get instructions


The mobile sales register is integrated with the cloud service using the encryption protocol. Your data is securely protected and accessible only to you.

Quick Refund

Make an instant refund using electronic checks. This procedure will no longer affect your sales and will not create queues around the cashier’s counter.

Barcode Scanner

Quickly release the product by barcode or add it to the nomenclature. There is no longer any need to manually create product lists, the mobile sales register will do everything for you.

Smart terminal modelSmart Bank Pro
Display6", capacitive, TFT with protective glass
Screen Resolution1440 x 720 pixels
ChipsetKun T11, octa-core, 2.0 GHz
Operating systemAndroid 9.0
The amount of RAM (RAM)2 GB
The amount of physical memory (ROM)16 GB
Memory card slotmicroSD up to 64 GB
BatteryLi-Ion, 7.6 V, 3000 mAh (5000 mAh optional)
Support for wireless networksWiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
CameraMain: 5 MP FF, front: 2 MP, 2D / 3D scanner
Receipt printer2", paper width: 58mm, roll diameter: 40mm, low power consumption
AudioBuilt-in speaker
Interface connectors1x Type-C (OTG/Charge), 1x Type-C (Host 2.0)
Types of accepted cardsWith Magnetic Stripe • ISO 1/2/3 * Smart Cards • EMV Level 1 • Contactless • EMV Level 1&2
Security standardPCI PTS 6.x
CertificationRoHS, CE, FCC
Payment systemsUnionPay (quickPass) | Visa (payWave) | Mastercard (payPass, AmEx ) | ExpressPay | MIR | PureEMV (upon request)
Overall dimensions225x82x53/21 mm (thickness on the printer/case side)
AdditionallyDocking station with USB connectors
Обратный звонок SmartOne

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Frequently Asked Questions

All about SmartOne Smart Terminals

The device holds a charge for a total of 7 hours.

First, you can purchase a smart terminal on our website if you click the “Buy now” button. Secondly, you can make a pre-order by clicking on the “Pre-Order” button. Third, you can purchase a smart terminal from our partners by choosing the most optimal, in your opinion, partner in the appropriate section of our website.

SmartOne online sales register can accept payments in literally all known ways:
  • Payment in cash
  • Bank cards
  • Contactless cards
  • NFC payment
  • Using a QR code
  • Payment by Face ID
In order to accept payment by these methods, you need to connect the trade acquiring of one of our partner banks in the SmartOne Mobile POS application. Then, to make a payment, select the payment method that you think is convenient in the “Invoice payment” section of the application.

Often unscrupulous buyers claim that they did not receive notifications with links to an electronic receipt. For this reason, they can apply to the tax service with a complaint that they were not given a check. Sending a fiscal receipt via SMS or Email certainly does not contradict the law, however, the seller must make sure that the client has the technical ability to download the receipt via the link. Otherwise, it will be considered that the receipt has not been issued to him.

In addition, many buyers do not have devices with the ability to accept an electronic receipt, or, for example, do not want to transfer their personal data to the seller.
Conclusion: the electronic method of transmitting a fiscal document is not desirable, due to the fact that it carries significant risks.

The software can be installed on any number of devices at the same time, however, it is possible to use one software registrar of settlement operations at the same time only on one device and only one cashier. To use several software registrars of settlement operations, among other things, you need to have an appropriate number of registered cashiers.

Fortunately, there are no legal restrictions: the hardware and software registrar of settlement operations can work in parallel. If you want to use only a software cash register, then you need to cancel the registration of a regular cash register.

If the Internet does not work, the registrar of settlement operations switches to offline mode, and you can continue working. The device creates copies of receipts with fiscal numbers offline, and then transmits them to the tax inspectorate (after resuming communication with the fiscal server).

The data entry is confirmed first of all by receiving an electronic receipt from the tax inspection server. In addition, the transfer of the receipt is confirmed by receiving a fiscal number, which is assigned to the receipt by the tax service server. After that, the receipt is actually immediately displayed on the website of the tax inspectorate.

According to the data of one electronic printing certificate, it is possible to work simultaneously on only one software registrar of settlement operations. In the case of simultaneous use of several software cash registers, it is also necessary to match the registered cashiers and certificates of electronic seals.

The manufacturer certainly guarantees the operability of the mobile cash terminal for 12 months from the moment of activation, but only if the user complies with the conditions of operation, transportation, and storage.

In order to independently register the registrar of settlement operations through the taxpayer’s Personal Account, read the instructions in our material.