SRSO from SmarTone: cases of successful implementation by customers 2021

The introduction of SmarTone SRSO begins with customers who trust our company and choose modern cash registers. In 2021, dozens of organizations installed SmarTone's SRSO. We have collected cases from different fields of activity of our clients and are ready to share the results of cooperation.

The introduction of SRSO is an area with which few entrepreneurs have dealt. Therefore, it’s scary to do something wrong and get fines from traffic police. In addition, there are many questions:

  • which product to choose?
  • how to learn how to use it?
  • what are the rules of cash discipline?

The introduction of SmarTone SRSO begins with customers who trust our company and choose modern cash registers. In 2021, dozens of organizations installed SmarTone’s SRSO. We have collected cases from different fields of activity of our clients and are ready to share the results of cooperation.

Sphere: Cafes, catering

The Law of Ukraine “On the use of registrars of settlement transactions in the field of trade, public catering” obliges entrepreneurs to register checks. And here are the needs we found among customers in connection with the changes:

  • a tool that replaces a regular cash register;
  • it is as easy as possible to work with, creates and registers receipts;
  • at a price lower than hardware RSO;
  • optimized maintenance costs in service centers.


The Smart Bank Pro terminal, compact but powerful, fully meets the above needs. The cash register is ideal for a small business and meets its basic needs. Customers, in a situation where there is a choice, choose modernity and maximum automation for their enterprise.

What did they get?

  • Simple and affordable SRSO with all functions
  • The ability to keep records of goods
  • Login to the program by personal access rights
  • Convenient creation of fiscal receipts
  • Automatic creation of a Z-report
  • Savings on the purchase and maintenance of cash register equipment
  • Mobility of service provision
  • The speed of creating a new item
  • Customer service without queue and delay
  • Sending the receipt to the client by email or via SMS
  • Integration with the 1C accounting system

Scope: Sales of excisable goods

When customers are VAT payers and sell excisable goods, they need to specify the UKTVED code from the general directory in the product range and display the payer’s rate in the receipt.

Basic needs

  • Quick check registration online
  • Mobile cash register, the ability to log in from the phone
  • Indication of all required details of the receipt
  • Calculation of the VAT rate in the receipt
  • Indication of the UKT FEA code for the product
  • Possibility of calculation taking into account the discount
  • Maintaining a register of customer account cards

The opportunity to create a discount system is no less important for our customers, who are always loyal to their customers.

What did the customers get?

  • Implemented a loyalty program for consumers
  • Instant check registration in traffic police
  • Creating a report on operations for the period and exporting it
  • Using a barcode scanner
  • Import of product nomenclature reference books
  • Creating a product card yourself
  • Creation of a directory of goods with data to account for the mandatory details of the receipt (VAT rate, UKTVED code).
  • Sending a receipt via SMS
  • Quick check registration, no queue
  • Cost savings

The desire to simplify your work, the introduction of new technologies into the business – all this is the key to the popularity of SmarTone, which is gaining momentum.

Field: retail

At the first stage of the FLP, it is necessary to decide which is better to use: hardware RPO or still SRSO? If there are relatively few transactions, the classic cash register immediately disappears, it is relatively expensive, it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription fee.

After studying the pros and cons, most FLPs choose SRSO. But for many, this is a new product, so there is a need for technical support.

Therefore, the specific requirements for the SRSO from our clients – trade representatives were simple operation and high-quality maintenance in use. As well as operational fiscalization of settlement transactions.

What did the customers get?

  • A directory of nomenclatures has been created
  • Sales of goods confirmed by fiscal receipts
  • Significant funds, precious time and efforts have been saved
  • Qualified support of technical specialists

Online store

Entrepreneurs who exceeded the limit of UAH 1 million according to the results of 2020 had to use the SRSO in settlement transactions since January 1. Some FLPs have tried to conduct their activities by non-cash payments. But after working on such a scheme for some time, it became clear that it was quite risky. The alternative for them was SmarTone.

Requirements for the cash solution:

  • Requires an inexpensive SRSO
  • Mobility + the ability to work with a smartphone is very important
  • The program should be simple and intuitive to use

What did the customers get?

  • Terminal 6 in 1 at the price of a budget smartphone
  • The ability to make employees’ smartphones “Virtual cash desks”
  • Mobility, comfortable work of field employees
  • Saving time on employee training (Android is used)
  • 2D/3D scanner and thermal printer for comfortable work

By the way, the development of SmarTone Merchant is a modern e-commerce platform that allows a novice entrepreneur to create a full-fledged online store in just four steps. It is enough to fill in the contact details, add a logo and specify the domain. If there is no domain, SmarTone generates an address bar.


SmarTone is a universal solution for any field of activity. After purchasing the cash register, you can start using it immediately. Also, our clients receive a basic management accounting tariff for free. SmarTone is a unique system of software and hardware solutions that meets the needs of every entrepreneur!

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