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Full-fledged material accounting in the cloud service | Mobile application of the cashier with extensive functionality and Multi merchant system | Mobile sales register 5 in 1​


You will no longer need to maintain a set of various computer and cash register equipment, everything you need to work is present in one device

sales register

The mobile cash register is able to work without recharging for up to 9 hours in active use mode. This is an ideal option for remote trading, trading in the markets, in the field of online sales


The system is ready to work immediately after the purchase. all you have to do is create or upload a product line and register your device. Everything is ready, you can work and accept payment


The cost of the device is comparable to a budget-class smartphone. Management accounting in the modern SmarTone ERP cloud application works on a subscription, which can be frozen if necessary

SmartONE Mobile POS

Mobile Sales Register App


All management accounting
протокол испытаний в лаборатории

Retail acquiring in POS terminal: Parliament wants to reduce costs for sole proprietors

The advantages of using POS terminals for entrepreneurs are known to everyone. Among them are attracting new customers – owners of plastic cards, as well as automation and accounting of the payment acceptance process. In addition, the collection is carried out in electronic form, and the cashier is protected from accepting counterfeit money. And finally, the possibility of errors in the calculations with customers is excluded. At the same time, the disadvantages of using POS-terminals for entrepreneurs often include additional costs for trade acquiring

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